Dale Steffey Books will offer for sale Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy.

Thorn Books will exhibit Eric Gill’s The Four Gospels of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Munster and Co. Books will be bringing an original painted poem by Kenneth Patchen.

A selection of items to be offered by Elk River Books: The Starlight Creek Angling Society, Frost’s Three Poems, and In the Crazies by McGuane and Chatham.

Ken Sanders Rare Books to display the following two noteworthy items:

Highlights from Nick Adams & Co. Rare Books include a complete RAY BRADBURY COLLECTION, U.S. & U.K., most signed or inscribed by Bradbury to Herb Yellin. Many with drawings by Ray Bradbury. Also, a lot of 113 signed/inscribed books by Bradbury in translation.


Nick Adams & Co Rare Books to also bring Charles Bukowski’s THE HOG. The Archive. Includes the 12pp short story, so sexually and explicitly charged that no publisher would publish it (including Hustler). Written in the early 1980's, the archive includes 26 TLS's from Bukowski to Larry Loman, publisher of HIGH TIMES magazine, along with 44 original drawings by Bukowski, all housed in a custom box ($37,500).


Ed Smith Books, with a smattering of delectable collectibles…

SABF 3.jpg

Cultural Images will be stocking their booth full of unusual and eclectic pieces, to include…


Richard Bishop will be here with a fantastic Aleister Crowley item…

Carpe Diem Fine Books will feature a presentation set of the 1898 Leonardo da Vinci biography in a striking art binding; three Arthur Rackham illustrated works, each limited and signed in a spectacular Bayntun-Riviere binding; and arguably the most important work and the only photographic monograph on the walls and gates of Peking by Osvald Siren.